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License plate frame


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Product carbon footprint
4.51 kg carbon footprint learn more learn more
Black VfL Wolfsburg license plate frame with a print which says"The wolves are coming". more
Product information "License plate frame"

Black VfL Wolfsburg license plate frame with a print which says"The wolves are coming".

material: plastic
size: Standard-Kennzeichengröße, 520mm
Merchandise can only be purchased in an order with home game tickets in the Print @ Home format. Unfortunately, fan merchandise can not be ordered together with away tickets. Thank you for your comprehension.
Vorderansicht Car sticker Wolf
Wölfe on Tour ... mit unserem VfL Wolfsburg Autoaufkleber Wolf bist du auch unterwegs als WÖLFE-Fan erkennbar.
18071902 car sticker Logo 3D silver
Nice VfL Wolfsburg car sticker in 3d optic in silver. Must have for every VfL fan.
18050702 plush “Wölfi“ suction cup 22cm
Woelfi made of plush with suction cup.
19071901 Autowürfel VfL Wolfsburg
Also on tour don't miss VfL Wolfsburg. On your way to work or to the next game of the wolves - the green-white accessoire is not allowed to miss. Put it easiliy on your car slice and let's go!
051900267000 Sticker Logo 3D black
Our VfL Wolfsburg sticker with black 3D VfL-logo.
17071902 Air freshener triple set
VfL Wolfsburg air freshener triple set in logo design with vanilla smell. Keep out of the reach of children!
062200617000 Ice scraper
Icy car windows? No problem with our VfL Wolfsburg ice scraper .
18071901 Car sticker logo 3D green
Nice VfL Wolfsburg car sticker in 3D optic in green.

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