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Ansicht beleuchtet LED light wolf
Mit dieser tollen VfL Wolfsburg LED Lampe in Form des heulenden Wolfs erstrahlt jeder dunkle Raum in hellgrünem Ambientelicht. Auf der Vorderseite des holzfarbenen Sockels ist das VfL-Logo eingebrannt. Mit Hilfe eines Touchbuttons lässt...
Ansicht 1 Hoist flag wolf 175x300cm
Great looking VfL Wolfsburg hoist flag with 3 metres length, made out of recycled fibres. The flag can be fixed with four plastic carabiners.
23072301 Garden gnome wolf
Our VfL Wolfsburg garden gnome is posing with one of Wolfsburgs landmarks - the howling wolf.
Ansicht 1 Folding rule A-F-L
White VfL Wolfsburg folding rule with green "Arbeit Fussball Leidenschaft" - print.
Vorderansicht Garden grome pump room
Our VfL Wolfsburg garden gnome visits the old pump room which doesn't exists anymore. With our gnomw we remember the goog old times there.
Ansicht hell LED bottle green logo
Green VfL Wolfsburg LED bottle with our logo which has a light chain inside. Please note: the light chain not not be changed.
€14.95 * €8.00
Ansicht 1 Wall clock A-F-L
With our great VfL Wolfsburg wall clock you will never be too late. You need one AA-battery which is not included.
19073005 Vogelhaus Club45
Our green bird house Club45 for your garden or terrace. Due to the great optic every little bird will be pleased to visit you.
€29.95 * €15.00

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