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Great VfL Wolfsburg pin showing our "living room" as well as the skyline and the lettering... more
Product information "Pin skyline"

Great VfL Wolfsburg pin showing our "living room" as well as the skyline and the lettering WOLFSBURG - perfect for jacket or backpack.

material: metal, nickel-free
measurements: approx. 7 x 3 x 1,3 cm
Merchandise can only be purchased in an order with home game tickets in the Print @ Home format. Unfortunately, fan merchandise can not be ordered together with away tickets. Thank you for your comprehension.
22061701 Pin VfL Wolfsburg logo
Our VfL Wolfsburg pin with logo fits perfectly on your bag, your shirt or on your jacket.
Ansicht 1 Key chain graffiti
Praktischer Schlüsselanhänger mit VfL Wolfsburg Schriftzug und Logo im Graffiti Style, der silberne Verschluss wurde mit "VfL Wolfsburg" geprägt. Die Rückseite des Anhängers in silbern.
Ansicht 1 Lanyard green
A fashionable and safe way to transport your keys - with our light green VfL Wolfsburg lanyard you probably never search for your keys again.
Ansicht 1 lanyard black
A fashionable and safe way to transport your keys - with our black VfL Wolfsburg lanyard with "Arbeit Fussball Leidenschaft" - print you probably never search for your keys again.
23061704 Pin logo diversity
Our VfL Wolfsburg logo pin in diversity colours.
23061705 Pin logo/city emblem
The VfL Wolfsburg logo and the Wolfsburg city emblem - a perfect dream team, united in our VfL Wolfsburg pin logo/city emblem.
23061706 Pin women football
Our pride and joy are our female wolves - share your enthusiasm for women's soccer and get the VfL Wolfsburg pin that suits you.
23061708 Key ring wolf
A must-have for every Wolves fan - our VfL Wolfsburg keychain Wolf with practical carabiner ist perfect for attaching keys or other small items.

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