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Scarf Die Nummer 1 in Niedersachsen


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Our VfL Wolfsburg scarf "Nr. 1 in Niedersachsen" (= Number 1 in Lower Saxony) in green-white... more
Product information "Scarf Die Nummer 1 in Niedersachsen"

Our VfL Wolfsburg scarf "Nr. 1 in Niedersachsen" (= Number 1 in Lower Saxony) in green-white shows everybody who is the number one Bundesliga team here in the All-Time Table.

material: 100% polyacrylic
measurements: approx. 140x16cm
Merchandise can only be purchased in an order with home game tickets in the Print @ Home format. Unfortunately, fan merchandise can not be ordered together with away tickets. Thank you for your comprehension.
Ansicht 1 Scarf block stripes
Classic green-white VfL Wolfsburg scarf block stripes with logo embroidery.
Ansicht 1 VIP scarf black-white
Noble looking VfL Wolfsburg scarf in black and white made out of very comfortable material.
Ansicht 1 Matchday scarf VfL Wolfsburg - Arsenal WFC
Get a piece of history - our VfL Wolfsburg matchday scarf of our successful womens team against Arsenal Women FC.
€10.00 * €5.00
Ansicht 1 Scarf WOELFI kids
Colorful VfL Wolfsburg scarf with colored lettering on both sides as well as VVfL logo and Woelfi picture. This scarf is perfect for your day an the stadion, school or kindergarten.
Ansicht Scarf VfL Wolfsburg Frauenfußball
Green-white VfL Wolfsburg scarf with FRAUENFUSSBALL (women's soccer team) lettering.
Ansicht 1 Scarf "Dank Mama"
This makes your mum proud - with our VfL Wolfsburg scarf "Dank Mama schlägt mein Herz für Wolfsburg" (Thanks to mum my heart beats for Wolfsburg) . This scarf remembers your shared memories.
Ansicht 1 Knitted scarf green stripes
This great looking VfL Wolfsburg scarf has a decent grey with green stripes on the cuff. A little loop label show the VfL-logo. For a perfect match - get the knitted hat green stripes .

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