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Ansicht 1 Shower gel "Wölfe"
Get refreshed after an emotional soccer game with our VfL Wolfsburg shower gel "WÖLFE".
Ansicht 1 Rubber duck swimming ring
Perfect for bathing fun or as decoration - our cool rubber duck swimming ring ! With its green body, hat and cocktail this duck will have great vacation in your bathtub.
18072108 Toothbrush VfL, set of 2
Green-white set of VfL Wolfsburg toothbrushes with VfL logo.
Ansicht 1 Toilet bag upcycling
This VfL Wolfsburg toilet bag consists out of old home shorts from saison 2021/22 (alle green parts incl. the VfL logo patch). It is a great idea of using old, not-used clothes to create something new and fashionable.
Kissen Pillow team coach
Soft and made out of plush - our VfL Wolfsburg pillow in form of our team coach looks great on sofas or your bed.
Wellsoftdecke Blanket skyline
Goosebumps only because of emotions ... with our VfL Wolfsburg blanket skyline you can get really comfortable on your sofa and watch soccer on TV. The grey blanket has a good size and is very soft.
Ansicht 1 Shower towel Mein Revier
Our black VfL Wolfsburg shower towel Mein Revier with big wolf picture and the clublogo looks great in your bathroom. Also available is our black smaller towel.
Ansicht 1 Towel Mein Revier
Our black VfL Wolfsburg towel Mein Revier with big wolf picture and the clublogo looks great in your bathroom. Also available is our black shower towel.
Ansicht 1 Bed linen A-F-L
Nice VfL Wolfsburg bed linen with "Arbeit Fussball Leidenschaft" motif.
18050707 cuddly cushion „Wölfi“
Something that should not be missed in a child´s room : The VfL Wolfsburg fluffy pillow with Wölf prints suits perfectly.
18073008 fleece blanket VfL logo
Our new cosy VfL Wolfsburg fleece blanket for the cold days at the stadium or at home.

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