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It's as simple as this: Log in with your customer account or create a new customer account. Then select the auction item you would like to bid on. Then enter a maximum bid for the item and you're in. The system will automatically continue bidding. The automatic bid is always high enough to make you the highest bidder, but not higher than the maximum amount you entered.

Bid for unique and very special VfL Wolfsburg fan merchandise.

If you are bidding for the first time, you will find an explanation of how the auctions in the Wolfeshop work below.

We hope you enjoy bidding!

Explanation of the auctions in the Wölfeshop

  • Step 1:: Log in to your customer account. If you do not yet have a customer account, please create a new one.

  • Step 2:Above these instructions you will find an overview of the items currently being auctioned. Click on the item to go to the auction. The item shows the duration and end of the auction, as well as an overview of the bids.

  • Step 3: Now enter the maximum price you want to pay for the item. Accept our terms and conditions and you are already in the auction. Click on the "Bid now" button to take part in the auction. Bidding continues automatically in 1 euro increments until your specified maximum price is reached. You can increase your maximum price at any time, but you cannot lower or withdraw it.

  • Step 4: If you have won, you will receive an e-mail. You can then go through the usual ordering process: Add the item to your shopping cart, proceed to checkout, select your payment method and place your order for payment. Important: If the maximum price you entered has not been reached, you will only pay the price that has not been exceeded.